Italian Citizenship by Descent – Applying in Italy 2023

A concise narrative of the jure sanguinis process in 2023

This is only a concise — to-the-point — post about the chronology and approximate total cost of my journey to acquire US-Italian dual citizenship and my EU passport.

Of course, the common disclaimer, this brief narrative represents my journey and it may or may not accurately reflect the events that other Italian Americans have had or will experience in their journey to recognition of their blood right to Italian citizenship.

And, this is also just a very brief glimpse at my journey for those who are only interested in the major talking points.

For those who wish to learn about things more in depth, you should continue reading my blog in its entirety after you finish this post.

I will go into various aspects of the citizenship by descent process, applying in Italy, and good things to know or at least consider. As with all blogs, this is a work in progress and not a static archive.

The two people who I need to give specific and special mention of and all my thanks are:

  • My brother Matt, who is a former US Army Green Beret Special Forces Operator – Matt did literally everything I needed him to do to assist me as I was not in the United States while engaging in this process
  • Daniel and Futura Italian Citizenship who handled the on-the-ground matters for everything that needed to be done for the process in Italy

Honestly, it would not have happened without their assistance.

Without my brother, there would have been absolutely no possible way I could have turned this dream into reality. He was as important to this process as our great-grandfather immigrating from Italy in the first place was.

I am not a person who is easily impressed by other professionals’ abilities, but I was impressed with Daniel.

Every single comune official knew Daniel by name and personally communicated with Daniel about every single step in the process. In fact, Daniel knew many of the officials for their entire careers. 

Daniel and Futura Italian Citizenship is that legal and real network of insiders that you need and want in this situation. 

Recognition – Italian citizenship by descent in 2023 




GGF – GM – F – ME

** Not a 1948 case **

In October 2021, I found out that it was possible to get an EU passport by having my family heritage recognized by the Italian government using the Italian citizenship by descent process – so I made the decision to do it.

Here is a very brief timeline from that decision to getting my Italian ID card.

💠October 2021– ordered USCIS for GGF and the 8 US vital records that I needed

💠January 2022 – Received everything except USCIS & GM birth – courthouse stated birth record [1904] could not be found

💠March 2022 – Began researching JS services to use in Italy – found Daniel via Facebook group posts

Reached out to a few people who had trusted Daniel. Their testimonials convinced me to trust him as well

* The best decision I made next to pursuing recognition *

💠May 2022 – Requested CONE for GGF – it was legally impossible for my GGF to have naturalized before my GM’s birth so I ordered the CONE

💠July 2022 – Received CONE & sent for federal apostille

💠August 2022 – I contacted a new courthouse employee who finally found the birth record for my GM

💠September 2022 – Sent all state records out for apostilles – received CONE back with apostille

💠October 2022 – USCIS responds that no records exist for my GGF [irrelevant at this point as I already had the CONE] and received all the state documents back with apostille

Contacted Daniel about next steps

Daniel informed me where to send documents for translations and required court certifications by an Italian judge – I sent them out

Daniel got my LIRA’s birth and marriage records in less than 2 weeks [he really has some amazing connections]

💠November 16 2022 – Moved to Italy 

Daniel picked me up at the airport and took me to the apartment that he secured for me

Signed contratto per uso transitorio as required by law [this is part of the legal and required proof of residency needed for the JS process & random audits that now occur due to the 2017 residency scandal – I discuss this in more depth in the longer narratives]

💠November 18 – Daniel took me to get my Codice Fiscale as required by law – [for both the JS process & future audits]

💠November 21 – Real estate agent registered my contratto per uso transitorio with police as required by law – [proof for audits]

💠November 30 – Daniel & I formally submitted my contratto per uso transitorio to the comune official as required by law and JS process – officially a resident of the comune [proof for audits]

💠December 14 – Police verified residence [only took them 14 days] as required by law [proof for audits]

💠January 10 – Daniel & I submitted JS document package to comune official

💠January 13 – Comune verified bloodline then sent consulate emails

💠February 14 – 90 days in Italy – Daniel & I submitted the Permesso di Soggiorno application – [proof for audits]

💠February 22RECOGNITION! 🎉

💠February 28 – Signed citizenship documents – received Italian birth certificate and temporary Italian ID card

💠March 7 – Picked up ID card at comune office

💠 Total time 💠

16 months from ordering USCIS to recognition

98 days in Italy from arrival to recognition

84 days [12 weeks to the day] for recognition process

💠 Approx. total cost [including but not limited to] was $12,000 💠

This cost included, but was not limited to:

  • Vital Records US & Italy
  • JS Service
  • Rent
  • Bills – electric/water/gas-heat
  • Translations & Certifications
  • Apostilles
  • International Mail
  • Cost-of-Living
  • OATS form
  • PSG application fees
  • Marca de Bollos
  • Plane tickets

For a better breakdown, check out the in depth narratives.

FYI – the passport process for those who intend to remain in Italy is a bit frustrating at this time, and I will discuss that in another post.

That was my journey through the Italian citizenship by descent process in a nutshell. 

To all my paisanos in search of having their heritage officially recognized, I say – In bocca al lupo!!

There is soooo much more to applying in Italy than just the actual citizenship by descent process.

And a lot more to the entire JS process than simply getting your citizenship recognized – yep, it doesn’t end there!

Once recognized, there are things such as dealing with AIRE, getting your Italian passport, and enrolling in SPID [mandatory for all Italians living abroad beginning March 2023] to work on.

Also, living in a small Italian comune can be challenging for some people – especially coming from the United States.

If you would like more insight about things that I think are good to know and how to prepare for that part of the adventure, this blog will be populated with more articles about the entire citizenship by descent process, from a first-hand account.

Also, please comment below about anything you have to say or add, including things you would like me to address. 

For complete transparency, no product or service mentioned in this article, including Daniel Carrano and Futura Italian Citizenship, compensate me in any way, shape, or form for mentioning them.

My recommendations are my own and based purely upon my first-hand account using his service.

Nothing in my blog is intended to be used as legal guidance or legal advice. Everything is based on my firsthand accounts, experiences, and research.


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