GLOBAL TALON is the asset, resource, insight, and edge that is developed from years of experience, training, traveling, and living that you or your organization wants and needs without having to wait.

Creativity, vision, scope, and acumen are not only investments, they are the calculus for your ability to leverage and exploit the frontier called tomorrow.

A Published Writer, Freelancer, Consultant, Global Citizen, Expat, Digital Nomad, and Insider who’s lived in over 20 countries so far.

Knowledge is what the prey gains after it is too late. Wisdom is what the predator had from the start.

A contributing writer for numerous clients about Expat Issues, Digital Nomad & Remote-working, Travel & Tourism, Fitness & Wellness, International Relations, Human Rights, Social Justice, and Genealogy & Dual-Citizenship.

Also love researching the unknown, paranormal, and conspiracy theories. I even pursued my own Quest for the Holy Grail

Europe is my region of expertise. Expat and Digital Nomad life are my specialty.

Explore, Experience & Engage.