I’m Julian

and here’s why that matters to you

Global Talon is a personal triumph that manifests entrepreneurial drive and a one-way mission to succeed.

Thus, my maxim –

Some live to succeed. Success is my living.

Born with the talent, passion, and skill set for communication, writing has always been the pivotal prowess that set me above and apart from anyone else.

Several years ago, I decided to bet everything on myself and transform my passion into my profession.

I sold everything, quit my job, and bought a one-way ticket to become a Digital Professional and a professional writer – because, one life-changing challenge wasn’t enough, right? 😁

Though I was born with the passion, skill, and talent for writing, the insider experience necessary to take on the global market was my learning curve.

Experience, though, is not measured in years, but in failures.

And, I can genuinely claim to be among the most experienced in the industry.

For me, failure was not a barrier, nor was it much of a deterrence or mistake.

Failures are nothing more than stepping stones along the ambitious journey of professional development and growth.

Quick success makes you fear failing

Failure teaches you how to succeed and hold on to it

Today, Global Talon is not solely a story of the entrepreneurial success of one professional.

Global Talon is an asset and an edge for any brand or team that strives to be the authority in their space.

For over a decade now, I have been delivering Rank and Reach with expertly crafted SEO authority content and copy.

My office is the world – the only real estate I’m committed to is above the fold and at eye level.

Whatever type of content and copy your brand needs –

Controversial or Conventional

Aggressive or Passive

Mainstream or Niche

Informative or Conversion

Serious or Comedic

Any way you need it –

Content Writing | Copywriting | Digital Marketing | Content Marketing | SEO | Ghostwriting | Social Media Writing | Email and Newsletters | Engagement

As a dual citizen of the US & EU, I’m open to whatever professional arrangement works best for you –

US W2 – remote

US 1099 – remote

US Freelance – remote

EU – any arrangement

UK Freelance – remote

Over 10 years of delivering Rank & Reach

with expertly crafted SEO Authority Content & Copywriting

Just a few Google Page 1 Successes

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Are we the best fit for one another?

I am not looking for a ‘job’.

I am looking to join a team that I can add value to and gain value from.

To be a central part of its growth and development while growing and developing with it.

A brand I can invest myself into that genuinely invests in talent.

Explore, Experience & Engage.