GLOBAL TALON is the asset, resource, insight, and edge that is developed from years of experience, training, traveling, and living that you or your organization wants and needs without having to wait.

Creativity, vision, scope, and acumen are not only investments, they are the calculus for your ability to leverage and exploit the frontier called tomorrow.

I am driven by not only how the written word communicates on the page, but how it fuels emotion and engages action in the world. Professional content designed to engage each reader individually as well as promote the feeling / sense that each reader is also a member of a valuable collective interest.

Knowledge is what the prey gains after it is too late. Wisdom is what the predator had from the start.

The best content adheres to a basic formula: Reason dictates Function, Function dictates Form. Success is never a goal, always a result. The battleground between you and success is the world. Your content is your most critical and vital weapon.

Some live to succeed. Success is my living.