GLOBAL TALON provides an unparalleled edge in content that speaks to your client.

As a writer, I am driven by not only how the written word communicates on the page, but how it fuels emotion and engages action in the world. I deliver professional content designed to engage each reader individually as well as promote the feeling / sense that each reader is also a member of a valuable collective interest.

Explore, Experience & Engage.

Research & Writing

Content is the very substance of your presence; online or off.  Your website, blog, case studies, whitepapers, etc. all represent your first impression to prospective clients and the integrity and reliability of who you are to your current ones.

Global Talon provides unique content for a spectrum of subject matters and topics, including

  • Digital Nomad & Remote Working
  • Travel & Security
  • Fitness & Wellness
  • Speech writing
  • Ghostwriting

Book Development

The novel remains one of mankind’s greatest explorations, creations, and expressions. Non-fiction is critical for documenting the narrative of who we were and are for our posterity. Fiction is an essential spice of life, as all great works of fiction are based upon some fact.

Global Talon provides an incredibly valuable and unparalleled service to authors, new or experienced. For example, does your spy character go to a Prague hotel and meet with his contact in a graveyard? Global Talon goes on-site and provides a narrative brief of the factual elements by being that spy in that hotel making those meetings so that your novel will not only read but feel real, even to a reader who has been to Prague and even in that hotel.

Global Talon provides:

  • Substance development and author support,
  • Fact-checking,
  • Ghostwriting,
  • Any need can be discussed.


If desired, all work, such as ghostwriting, can be done in the strictest of confidentiality.

All contracts are made pursuant to US federal laws, unless otherwise agreed to and contracted.

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Social justice and human / animal rights organizations are the collective embodiment of humanity’s soul. They are the voice when people are silenced and the presence when they are invisible. In the 21st century, having endured a century of unspeakable evil and countless police states, little has changed in the landscape of global political institutions. In fact, our history continues to be our present and future.

Global Talon creates the content these organizations require; unique subject matter inscribed, not in ink, but passion, focus, and drive. Content that not only informs but galvanizes and emboldens the reader to act. Deliver your organization’s message about your cause with the same emotion which required its very existence.

Regardless of its controversial nature, these issues and organizations are the underlying enterprise of Global Talon. Global Talon provides research and writing for, but not limited to;

  • Social justice
  • Human / animal rights & welfare
  • US Constitutional issues
  • US Criminal law issues
  • Human security
  • Corruption, terrorism & organized crime
  • The surveillance state / police state

Change created by the sword will always be temporary as mankind has developed a lust for blood. Change created by the written word though has the potential to protect generations if we only teach people how to read.

GT Index

The GT INDEX translates the raw reality of destinations into data & information that DN professionals can use to schedule our lives and travels.


Services are typically conducted via freelance contract (though other options are possible) and invoiced monthly unless otherwise agreed.

Currently, PayPal is the only means of payments.

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