GLOBAL TALON provides an unparalleled edge that’s a product of unique personal & professional experience influenced by diverse cultural interaction and life-long learning and development.

As a writer, I am driven by not only how the written word communicates on the page, but how it fuels emotion and engages action in the world.

As an Expat & Digital Nomad, I transform every destination I live into a knowledge base which both new or experienced expats and professionals can leverage for their own success.

Some live to succeed. Success is my living.

Research & Writing

Global Talon provides unique authority content for a spectrum of subject matters and topics, including

  • Digital Nomad & Remote Working
  • Travel & Security
  • Fitness & Wellness
  • Speech writing
  • Ghostwriting

Book Development

The novel remains one of mankind’s greatest explorations, creations, and expressions. Non-fiction is critical for documenting the narrative of who we were and are for our posterity. Fiction is an essential spice of life, as all great works of fiction are based upon some fact.

Global Talon provides:

  • Substance development
  • Fact-checking,
  • Ghostwriting,
  • Any need can be discussed.

Online Relocation & Expat Consultation

Online consulting regarding relocating to Europe and virtually any expat issues / concerns pre-arrival or post-arrival.

GT Index

Proprietary and authoritative Knowledge Base


Services are typically conducted via freelance contract (though other options are possible) and invoiced monthly unless otherwise agreed.

Currently, PayPal or Payoneer are the normal means of payments.


If desired, all work, such as ghostwriting, can be done in the strictest of confidentiality.

All contracts are made pursuant to US federal laws, unless otherwise agreed to and contracted.

Let’s build something great together.