The Digital Nomad paradigm is founded upon two tenets:

1: Location independence is a skill that a professional adds to his/her existing career skillset. It is not how you work to live, but how you work and live. Location independence is a capital which skilled and seasoned professionals leverage to increase the value they provide to organizations that need to successfully compete in a space they would otherwise not physically occupy; the unknown.

2: Everything (every dollar, move, decision, etc.) must be an investment into yourself; personally and professionally.

Protein 101. The Essential ‘What’s The Difference And Which One Should I Use’ Guide?

What is the difference between protein supplements? Which protein supplement should I use? Are there benefits to a plant based supplement?
The essential guide to protein.

Staying Fit: The Digital Nomad Lifestyle

Staying fit as a Digital Nomad can be more challenging than it was in your former professional life. But it is not impossible. The key is knowing how.

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