Copywriting is DEAD

Effective Copy Is Great Content as a Sales Pitch

Copywriting and Content Writing share 1 distinct commonality – skill – yet also diverge on 1 significantly crucial element – function

Whereas content writing is the skeleton of the internet as a knowledge hub – copywriting is the backbone of what makes the internet a marketplace

If it’s not selling the reader something, it’s not copy

If the reader is not ready to convert once they have finished reading, it’s not well-written copy

The sole function of content is to provide the reader with the information they were seeking or need

The sole function of copy is to persuade, convince, and yea – to a degree – manipulate the psyche of the reader into taking the next step ~ Whatever the writer wants that step to be

In their most elemental states, content is for the benefit of the reader, copy is for the benefit of the brand

In no way, shape, or form [or degree to that matter] is that to suggest that clickbait is a form of effective copy – or written by anyone that possesses any degree of skill

On the contrary – effective copy is great content in the form of a sales pitch

Just as content is all about providing some benefit to the reader, great and effective copy should be focused on the same thing

Effective copy is not about being great at selling ice to Eskimos

Effective copy is all about selling ice to every single person holding a drink ~

Whether it’s coffee, tea, chocolate milk, soda, or a shot of whiskey, your ice will put that drink over the top

So yea, effective copywriters need to also be great content writers

A great content writer is the modern equivalent of a great author

We are writing professionals with a talent, skill set, and expertise in telling people what they ~

  • Want to know
  • Need to know
  • Didn’t know they wanted/needed to know

Likewise, as great copywriters, we are writing professionals that use the same talent, skill set, and expertise to get people [regardless of their intention/desire before engaging our copy] to ~

  • Click-through
  • Buy
  • Join
  • Download

To accomplish that, the conversion is not interpreted as a measure of loss [i.e.moving forward results in spending money]

Conversion is understood and accepted by the reader as their desired next step in the journey to benefit and better themselves or their current state of being [which includes personally, professionally, socially, fashionably, affordably – an entire list of adverbs that you’re not supposed to use in your copy 😁]

Thus, being a copywriter inherently has 3 operational duties ~

  1. Identifying who can benefit / who’s the best customer
  2. Effectively connecting them to the benefit
  3. Following up with the commitment that conversion creates

And yes, conversion creates a commitment for both the writer and the brand he/she is a writer for

Let’s say the conversion’s purpose is to capture email addresses [for a weekly newsletter] using a lead magnet [a free downloadable pdf]

Then the copywriter has 3 specific duties –

  1. Craft effective copy to secure the conversion and download
  2. Craft a pdf that provides something of value
  3. Continually craft good email/newsletter content that continues to provide value

Conversion creates a commitment, even if its primary goal is a one-time sale

Professional copywriters never use their talent, skill set, and expertise to create spam or participate in a scam

So what makes effective copy?

I’m glad you finally asked, otherwise I would have rambled on forever 🤣🤣

Effective copy ~

  • Directly connects the reader to the benefit
  • Engages the readers’ emotion-based decision-making process
  • Anticipates what the reader needs to become Actionable
  • Delivers to the audience, but impacts the reader

This can successfully be accomplished using only a few sentences or paragraphs – think Facebook ad copy, Google ad copy, or even landing page copy

Or, [and this is a perfect example of why an effective copywriter must also be a great content writer] can leverage an entire article of 2000 words – think native ads

Effective copy has a few crucial essentials

The HOOK 🪝

The key component to effective copy is the hook

  • The headline for a native ad that gets you to read
  • The email subject line that gets you to open
  • The tagline that gets you to stop scrolling

The hook grabs the attention of the reader

A great hook breaks the reader’s journey of monotony and promises some excitement or at least a change of perspective – like Copywriting is DEAD


Even if it’s a Facebook ad or Google ad, effective copy [just like great content] requires strategic SEO ~ Keywords

Keywords achieve 2 goals –

The reason keywords are the foundation of all great SEO is that they reflect what the reader wants – their search intention

Likewise, for copy, keywords anticipate what the reader needs – whether they know it yet or not

Copy, also, needs to speak to the reader, not AT the reader

Copywriters need to craft copy that aligns the brand’s message with how the reader speaks

This can be very difficult – or at least expensive – when your target audience is massive – not to mention the possibility of being demographically or culturally diverse

Internet users all share a common thread – we’ve developed an appreciation to communicate succinctly

Where can I buy red shoes in New York is now Shoe stores near me

Using the proper & strategic keywords in your copy gets you into the readers’ conversation without seeming like you weren’t invited


In general, people love structure. In fact, there are entire fields of study and professions built around the concept – think interior design, architect, & architecture

Copy [and content for that matter] apply the same principles

Both copy and content need to be built soundly and aesthetically

Effective copy should please the reader’s eyes just as much as it speaks to their being

That includes –

  • Bullet lists
  • Images – [good rule, contrast copy & image -> conventional copy/controversial image & vice versa]
  • Colors, Fonts, Spacing
  • Power Verbs
  • Valuable Data
  • Appropriate Specificity
  • Guided Generalism

Along with direction and emotion


The most important element of effective copy is that its human ~

Written For Humans By Humans

If you think, it is even remotely a good idea, to solely rely upon Artificial Intelligence [AI] to craft your brand’s copy [or content for that matter] instead of having a seasoned professional writer at the helm, maybe you should ask the people who lived in Hawaii in 2018

And let’s not forget about Microsoft’s Tay – the AI chatbot that autonomously turned into a Nazi and a racist

If you are willing to invest money soley into garbage gimmicks instead of genuine talent, then – simply stated – you get what you deserve

See that – very human right there 🤣

Artificial intelligence should be leveraged as a powerful tool that all professional writers and digital marketers have in their toolbox. But it cannot replace the unique elements of the craft that a writer imprints on the final product

the CTA 🎯

All copy needs to direct and get the reader to take the next step

The Call To Action 🎯 is the entire purpose of the copy

The –

  • Act Now
  • Buy Now
  • Challenge Accepted
  • I AM a VIP
  • Save Now
  • Subscribe

And, to increase conversion, you can pair those with an Escape CTA [I invented that by the way, so don’t even try to claim it as yours] –

  • I Prefer 2nd🥈Place
  • That’s More Than I Can Handle
  • You’re Out Of My League
  • I’m Happy Being Average
  • She/He Said I’m Not Allowed

Yes, a great copywriter knows the power of reverse psychology 😏

And, your Escape CTA can take the reader directly to your tripwire

Another great conversion strategy – turn your CTA into a corny joke 😁

Why couldn’t the agent sell the castle?

Because he forgot to put the

[Only great agents know]

Too corny? But, it would work for anything real estate related 😏

The point is, your CTA needs to get the reader to act

And finally ~

the Copy Paradox ☯️

The Copy Paradox is why your brand needs a great writer to craft effective copy

All copy sells, and in fact, all copy is selling the same thing

Nope, it’s not your product or your lead magnet

Your copy is selling YOU

Copy is for the benefit of the brand by benefiting the reader – or is it, to benefit the reader by benefiting the brand 🤣

Effective copy aligns itself with the intended audience but never strays from the persona of the brand

Copy is not simply a tool, but a valuable asset of your brand – it reflects your:

  • Voice
  • Values
  • Style
  • Image
  • Character

Copy must personify your brand to the world – well, to your audience [which is your whole world 😁]

From TOFU to life-long advocate, your copy is not simply a journey, but an invitation and a reminder to those that matter most to your brand

After all, you’re in the business of benefit – at least according to your copy

Now that you know and understand what effective copy is and requires, the only question is ~

Can your brand handle the power of effective copy?

If so, that button is 👇👇👇

Otherwise, click 👇👇👇